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Application And Such..

How is everyone doing? Ok well im having a boring day. Theres not much to do, nothing on tv. Its about 30 degrees outside, so i have to stay inside.

1. Age-13
2. Name-Brittany
3. Top 10 Emo Bands-Taking Back Sunday,Hawthrone Heights,Funeral For A Friend, Senses Fail, Matchbook Romance,Dashboard Confessional,The Used,My Chemical Romance,Aiden,Atreyu
4. Gender-Female
5. Bands You Dislike- Insane Clown Posse (they are kinda ok, but not my style..)
6. Why are you Emo- I suppose because i like emo music
7. Why should you be accepted- Well i think that i would stay in this community awhile and i would stay active..
8. Confess Something.. I am obsessed with Bert McCracken. And i am a vegetarian.
9. Make us Laugh: Baaaaaah.. hmm i would but i dont see anything really funny right now.. :D

Ok well thats my application thingy. I also worked on my profile some today.. I want to change my journal around a little but i cant agree on colors or anything. Is there layouts that you can use for these journals?? I couldnt make one, but i could find some..


xXx Brittany xXx
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