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I know I've already been added, but I'm bored.

1. Age-15
2. Name-Kuuipokealohalani...I go by Kuu for obvious reasons
3. Top 10 Emo Bands- 1.The Used 2.Senses Fails 3.Bayside 4.From First To Last 5.Motion City Soundtrack 6.Story of the Year 7.Emery 8.Sparta 9.Copeland 10.Hawthorne Heights
4. Gender-Female
5. Bands You Dislike-Bright Eyes...I know they're emo, but they're too soft for me, The Click Five, Coldplay, Keane, and most mainstream stuff like Green Day...old Green Day is good, but now they're overplayed.
6. Why are you Emo-'cause there are many times when I get irritated and I don't get over it...I guess that's a lame reason, but that's all I can say. There's more, but you get the picture.
7. Why should you be accepted-...because I've been at a new school for 2 months and I'm still experiancing hell being accepted.
8. Confess Something-umm...i'll do that later. there isn't much to confess.
9. Make us Laugh-in 7th grade the teacher asked what gestation was so I asked if it was how long an animal does it...lol

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